Sternschnuppen - Falling Stars


The new CD *Sternschnuppen* is going to be released in February 2020 on Neuklang Records. A compositional project with string quartet and piano trio.











*Theos Trampolin* Grosse Schanze Bern

The big hill goes back to plans of the Huguenot leader and fortress builder Théodore Agrippa d'Aubigné. The construction of the ski junmping hill was decided on March 30, 1622, and started in April of the same year. In 1634 the work was completed. Between 1834 and 1846 the plant was largely leveled; on it's last remnants todays stands the 1903 inaugurated main building of the University of Bern." (translated from Wikipedia)


I composed this picture. The composition has four parts:

tree part, building part, crane part and tower part


*Wondering What's Coming*


For 5 Horns and Rhythmsection

Composition and Arrangement by Eva Kess