Bassexperiment has been released on January 18th 2019 and made it on January 22nd 2019 on place 26 of BEST OF NEW MUSIC on iTunes US.                                                                                               



"Congratulations! It's quiet an accomplishment to record a completely improvised project playing and singing! Nice playing and you have a beautiful voice. It complemented your playing very nicely."

                                                                         - NY Bassist Jay Anderson -

Flying Curly is my second original album. A co-production with the radio SRF 2 culture, released on the label UNIT Records in February 2017.


Since then it's among the top 50 jazz bestsellers in the U.S.!

I'm feeling extremely excited and grateful about it.



Wondering what is coming is the name of her first album (2010).

Eva wrote all the songs and produced the CD on her own.


-> listen here to one song of the CD:




Eva Kess writes music that slowly reveals itself with it´s own logic, adventurous music in the real sense of the word without cliches, long forms that evolve dealing with sound rhythm, form, melody and harmony. New ideas with the timeless elements.

Proving once again that you can always find new esthetic paths with the creative use of grooves, counterpoint, orchestration and development of ideas.


Passionate music, full of life, honest music that will take you to new landscapes, strong motives that Eva's tunes provide.


- Jorge Rossy -



      Picture by Palma Fiacco, Zürich - Art Work by Benjamin Scheurer, Bern